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Worried about making your employees redundant whilst maintaining business performance?

Stay Nimble can help with our affordable, innovative solution, combining best of breed career coaching tools into a single digital platform to guide employees through outplacement.

Why it's important


Maintain productivity in the workplace

Redundancies can lower morale, job satisfaction by over 40%, and job performance by over 20% for remaining employees. Their turnover can also rise by 30% in the following year.

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Woman appears to have just been made redundant with box of desk objects beside her.

Minimise brand impact and legal risk

Redundancies and restructuring can risk diminishing brand image and make organisations vulnerable to legal action if mismanaged.


Support your employees

Redundancies can risk undermining the underlying core message for organisational values to support employees.

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Why use the Stay Nimble platform?

End to end support

The Stay Nimble platform guides employees through every step of their career change journey from understanding their strengths to securing a new role.

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Personalised guidance

We provide career suggestions and guidance for employees based on their unique profile, with phone and video career coaching from experts for personalised human-human support.

Scalable and adaptable

Our coaching platform is always-on and delivery can be quickly scaled up or down to support any number of employees.

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Hear from our customers

The Stay Nimble platform gives employees access to a set of innovative features

  • Strengths assessment Strengths assessment

    Like a fingerprint, everyone’s Strengths Profile is unique. We use it to match your employees with careers that play to their strengths.
  • Learning resources Learning resources

    We provide access to best-in-class learning courses and resources so employees can fill skills gaps to target careers.
  • Mindset training Mindset training

    Motivational content on resilience, tenacity, confidence and more ensures employees are equipped with the tools to thrive in their new role.
  • CV and cover letter tailoring CV and cover letter tailoring

    We provide a range of resources including articles, videos, tips and tricks to make your employees’ applications stand out from the crowd.
  • Tracking usage and progress Tracking usage and progress

    We track employee interactions with the platform, reporting back to you on progress.
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Get in touch to find the package of support that's right for your employees

What’s best practice offboarding?

As automation and technological advances continue to change the nature of our work, it’s likely the number of people experiencing redundancy will rise.

Businesses not engaging in best practice offboarding risk organisational performance and reputation.

We’ve conducted extensive research on how a number of organisations currently conduct offboarding, and we analysed what constitutes best-practice offboarding.

Find out how to support your employees by downloading our whitepaper.

We created Stay Nimble to help people get unstuck

Stay Nimble is on a mission to support everyone to find their purpose in the new world of work.

We are a UK certified social enterprise that is committed to reinvest 51% of annual profits into local community initiatives that help disadvantaged people to get access to better work.