We realised there is a problem

The way we work and the way businesses operate has drastically changed.

Careers are no longer linear and most of us will have many and varied roles during our working lives. Technology is accelerating this change.

Fostering a growing uncertainty amongst workers whose skills and labour are being replaced, while at the same time new jobs and industries no one could predict are created overnight.

We realised that the meaning of the word ‘career’ has changed. But, life is still about people.

Which is why, amidst all of these changes, organisations and communities realise that people need help to navigate their working lives - throughout their lives. To be ready for new opportunities. To thrive in uncertainty and become passionate about doing meaningful work.

So it became our mission to answer this question:

What would the world be like if we helped everyone to identify and nurture their purpose, and supported them to be the best they could be?

Certified Social Enterprise

We are a UK certified social enterprise that is committed to reinvest 51% of annual profits into local community initiatives that help disadvantaged people to get access to better work.

Our friends and partners

Labour Insight Partner
Social Impact Partner
Future Learn
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Skills Builder Partnership
Skills Builder Partnership
Career Development Institute
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Planet K2
Performance Coaching Partner
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The Open University
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Learning and Work Institute
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Elba 30
Growing Support
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National College for Digital Skills
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Growing Support
Working The Future
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Positive Transformation
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Learning Partner

Meet the team

We are currently a small team with a powerful combination of expertise. We consider our partners a part of our team as they empower us and help us deliver the Stay Nimble experience.

Dominic Atkinson
Dominic Atkinson Founder
Ben Anderson-Waine
Ben Anderson-Waine CTO
Jerome Pernollet
Jerome Pernollet Chief Operating Officer
Steve Sparrow
Steve Sparrow Product Director
Stefan Dunn
Stefan Dunn Full Stack Developer
Mayur Soneji
Mayur Soneji Product Designer
Shauna Jordan
Shauna Jordan Head of Business Development
Penny Armstrong
Penny Armstrong Stay Nimble Coach and Community Manager
Luke Battye
Luke Battye Experimental Psychology Advisor
Katherine Stephen
Katherine Stephen Career Guidance Practices Advisor and Content Writer
Dominic Warman
Dominic Warman Talent and Recruitment Advisor