Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our commonly asked questions.

  • What is career coaching?
    Career Coaching can help you identify the right role for you and then help you make the transition into your new role. Career coaching integrates career research and complex psychological theory with current knowledge about the job market and organisational processes.
  • How do I know career coaching is right for me?
    If you are feeling unhappy and stuck in the job you do, some support can help you focus on your values, motivations and strengths. Career coaching can help you see yourself through new eyes, and open up new routes to bring contentment to your life. If you are returning to work after some time out of the workplace, finding the confidence to leap back in can be daunting. Career coaching can help you reset, focus on some immediate goals and find the balance between the things you now need to manage in your life. Being coachable is a key skill. It requires some mental effort to get the value from coaching. Many of the techniques, approaches and tools that you can access through Stay Nimble will need you to take part in introspective activities including reflection, journaling and being open to trying new ways of thinking.
  • What do you get with your subscription?
    When you purchase a programme or subscription you become a Stay Nimble member and have access to the Stay Nimble platform for life. Our platform is a browser based web app that supports your coaching experience. In the platform you can:
    • speak to your coach through in app chat or book a call.
    • view notes of your last coaching session from your coach.
    • use tools like our skills analyser.
    • review the next steps for your to take.
    • book a call with your coach.
    • get the latest advice from our coaches in our career advice hub.
    • view roles & explore career options for you.

    The platform is always available 24/7, is mobile friendly and easy to use. Stay Nimble members have access to the platform for life, when paying for a programme or subscription.
  • What happens to data about you?
    We take your privacy really seriously. Our low cost subscription model is in place because we feel the service we provide is high value for a small investment. This means we don’t need to consider advertising as part of our model. We’re also very careful to minimise the amount of personally identifiable data about you that we ask for. We keep your subscription details in a secure location with Zoho Subscriptions away from the data from your Strengths assessments and coaching progress. If you have any questions though, we’re really happy to talk with you about how data is treated in Stay Nimble. It’s vital to us that we keep your data safe and maximise anonymity.
  • What countries does Stay Nimble cover?
    The labour insight data we currently process from Burning Glass covers the UK, so we can only show you work and skills in demand for the UK. However, our coaching content and Strengths Profile assessments are available globally. Everything is delivered in English. All of our coaches are based in the UK and work UK office hours.
  • Contact Us
    Still have questions? Feel free to drop us a line at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • How is my coach chosen and can I change for a different coach?
    When you join Stay Nimble, we ask you about your goals. This information is passed along to coaches, and coaches are assigned based on their availability.

    If you find the chemistry isn’t quite right, you can let us know and we’ll introduce you to a different coach.
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