How To Change Careers Into Meaningful Work - Hannah's Story

by Jennifer Harper
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The world of work is changing rapidly, but expert guidance can provide the confidence and tools to impress employers with your unique transferable skills, enabling you to change jobs to work that is meaningful to you.

With the double whammy of digital transformation and the pandemic, the rate of change in the workforce can seem daunting, even bewildering. No matter how competent and resourceful you are, simply looking for a new job can feel exhausting, let alone trying to advance or change career. However, the right career guidance can make a huge difference when it comes to focusing your energy where it will yield results.

Support in navigating the fast-changing world of work can include identifying strengths and transferable skills, addressing gaps with appropriate training, and building the confidence necessary to acknowledge and show your worth.

Hannah started a new job in July 2020, which exceeded her expectations in both seniority and salary.

‘I really felt like I had a team behind me during the job hunt. It felt like we were going through this together, and I felt supported throughout my whole journey. This was a morale and confidence boost that helped me let go of fear and gave me the confidence to shine.’

Hannah is one of our members who has used Stay Nimble’s resources to move forward successfully in her career. Insights driven by our award-winning digital platform, coupled with expert, one-on-one coaching, boosted her confidence, empowering Hannah to reframe her work history and find a more rewarding role.

After five years of working in service design agencies, Hannah was ready for her next challenge. Though she wanted to explore new opportunities, she hadn’t looked for a new job in a long time and wasn’t entirely sure about her direction, or even what kind of organisation she really wanted to work for. She didn’t feel especially assured about her most valuable skills or, or how to showcase them for prospective employers.

With a solid track record of achievement, Hannah knew she was capable, but needed to reconnect with her passions, what really motivated her, and understand how to present her accomplishments for maximum impact.

This is where Stay Nimble played a vital role in helping Hannah gain the clarity she needed to access the right mindset and demonstrate what she could offer hiring managers. She said:

‘It's good to understand where my strengths lie, what could be improved, what needs work, and the environment I would work best in.’

During sessions with her dedicated coach, Hannah received specific feedback on her CV and worked on how to use interviews as an opportunity to demonstrate her value. Hannah said:

‘Coaching highlighted great strategies for interviews and how to prepare for questions and illustrate my experience. I learnt so much about recognising the right roles to apply for, and a skills-based CV helped me reframe my experience.’

A significant part of success in job hunting is thinking ahead and doing the research. With help from her coach, Hannah built up a bank of responses to all kinds of interview questions. She said: 

‘I learned so much about being truly prepared.’

One exercise Hannah completed was drafting a document listing her expertise in different areas, which was was extremely useful during the hiring process. 

‘When I was asked a question in an interview, I had examples ready to illustrate competencies and achievements.’

Hannah also honed the presentation of her capabilities in a way that hiring managers understood, learning how to recognise and speak the language of an organisation. She became adept at analysing a job description to understand what problem an organisation had, and how her skills could provide the solution,

Another source of inspiration was the platform itself. Hannah said: ‘The Stay Nimble digital platform gave me space to explore my strengths and skills.’ The in-app exercises also assisted Hannah to identify environments where she’d thrive. ‘Stay Nimble delivers tangible results. The UX is amazing, and using the digital platform raised awareness of my potential.’

Because Stay Nimble is a UK-certified social enterprise — a business centred on optimising benefits to society — Hannah’s successful career change also had positive effects on others by facilitating programs to support vulnerable people. Stay Nimble reinvests 51% of its annual profits into local community initiatives, which help people on low incomes to increase their confidence and access support that can lead to better work.

Searching for a new role can seem like a lonely process, but Stay Nimble is always there to provide friendly support.

If you want to make a change, but are not sure you can do it, grab a free 30 minute session with a dedicated coach below and get started today.

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