Team and Partners

We are currently a small team with a powerful combination of expertise. We consider our partners a part of our team as they empower us and help us deliver the Stay Nimble experience.
Dominic Atkinson
Dom has spent the last two decades leading organisations, coaching individuals and building software applications to make business better. Following training as an occupational psychologist, he studied Learning and Development with the CIPD, and formed Stay Nimble in response to changes to employment due to rapid technological change, in the belief that each of us have unique abilities that can be directed to navigate whatever comes next. He is a Fellow of the RSA and a member of the British Psychological Society.
Ben Andersen-Waine
Ben has over ten years of experience in technical roles. He has built and deployed applications
for P&G, Orange UK, Sky and Time Warner. He also has served in technical leadership roles at some of London's hottest startups. Ben is uniquely placed to advise on a range of subjects including; software architecture and specification, software engineering, dev ops and the agile development process.
Katherine Stephen
Career Guidance Practices Advisor and Content Writer
With a background across several industries including music, ebook publishing and SaaS product support, Katherine recently gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Career Guidance and Development, and the Career Development Institute's level 7 Qualification in Career Development. She is currently working towards a PhD in meta-skill development, and is an MCR Pathways mentor.
Steve Sparrow
UX and Product
Steve’s people development passion comes from his time as Global Innovation Director at AIESEC. Most recently, Steve led Customer Experience at Flypay where he helped build an industry leading hospitality startup.
Marion Carmet
Data Analytics Advisor
Marion holds a Masters in Business Management and has spent the last five years building deep knowledge and expertise in data architecture, digital analytics and implementing world class data governance for FTSE 500 organisations.
Dominic Warman
Talent and Recruitment Advisor
Dominic has spent 18 years in senior recruitment leadership roles for the Commercial Sector. He served as a Director for one of London’s leading recruitment companies, helping grow their business from 8 to 75 staff, before founding Huckleberry in 2015
Luke Battye
Experimental Psychology Advisor
Luke’s background is experimental psychology and has deep experience designing, prototyping
and testing new service propositions. He has worked across recruitment, automotive, hospitality, NFP, banking, travel and leisure industries and will help Stay Nimble apply behavioural insights to improve customer acquisition, retention and referral.
Jerome Pernollet
Chief Operating Officer
With 20 years in Digital, Business Development and with Information Technology skills, Jerome demonstrated his ability to manage and develop Digital Businesses.

Driven by major challenges, he led two successful company creations (creation of the subsidiary of a German group, PTV AG, and co-foundation of a major European player in tyres and services e-commerce, POPGOM, acquired by Michelin Group) then transformed, Bookatable by Michelin, a restaurant digital marketplace, into a successful and sustainable business.

His energy is now turned to Social Impact or how to make sure everybody will take advantage of the 4th industrial revolution. Onboard with Stay Nimble, he put his experience to the benefit of others.
Hugh Chatfield
Head of Business Development
Hugh brings great experience following his time with as Head of UK Business Development at Generation: You Employed, Inc. and McKinsey.
Stefan Dunn
Full Stack Engineer
Stefan is a fantastic full stack engineer, driving forward the development of Stay Nimble.
Penny Armstrong
Stay Nimble coach and community manager
After spending more than twenty years hiring teams for large banking operations, Penny identified that candidates would interview for jobs they could do without necessarily thinking about whether the job was something they wanted to do, or something that would bring them fulfillment.

Since November 2018, Penny has been offering interview technique guidance on a voluntary basis and helping people develop strategies for finding the type of work they’d enjoy, figuring out the skills they possess and the significance of their individual achievements.

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