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Self ImprovementThe Short Guide To Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
What is Imposter Syndrome? Imposter syndrome is also known as imposter phenomenon, imposterism, fraud syndrome or the imposter experience. It is where you can doubt your own skills, talents or...
Self ImprovementYour Guide To Building Self-Awareness - 8 Activities To Create Meaningful Change
If you know you want to change career or overcome a challenge at work but really don’t know what to do, then developing your self-awareness can help you to understand your thoughts, emotions and...
Self ImprovementPreparing for Future Setbacks
Occasionally life doesn’t quite go to plan. Whether it be redundancy, health or even relationship issues, these can all impact on your life and career. So how do you deal with these situations? Being...
Self ImprovementAre your communication skills as good as they could be?
‘Good communicator’ and ‘excellent communication skills’ are phrases you may have read in the list of skills required for many jobs. So how are your communication skills? Are you communicating as...
Self ImprovementThe importance of self-care in stressful times
Losing a job, being off work through ill-health or taking time out to look after a loved one can impact your mental health in ways you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Many people can feel isolated from...

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