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Parent returners to work webinar

by Jennifer Harper

Going back to work after becoming a parent can be both rewarding and daunting, but how will it affect your new life and how easy will it be to go back?

Can you relate to these circumstances?

  • You want to go back to work but are worried about your changed working rights.
  • You’ve forgotten what made you a good employee and need a boost before returning to work.

Then this webinar was designed for you.

Hosted by:

  • Georgie Blackburn, an experienced Stay Nimble coach who helps individuals discover their potential.
  • Emma Roberts, a specialist employment lawyer with vast experience in helping parents who are concerned about their treatment once pregnant, or when returning back to work.

Here’s what you will discover…

  • What essential steps to take when thinking of returning to work.
  • How to ease the transition from maternity leave to long term employment.
  • How coaching can help you become a successful working parent.

Webinar agenda:

  • Introductions by Jennifer Harper to Georgie Blackburn from Stay Nimble, and Emma Roberts from Rinew Legal.
  • Why you need support after becoming a parent.
  • How becoming a parent changes you.
  • Understanding your values, confidence, and strength as you return to work.
  • What you’re entitled to.
  • Negotiating your return, if you choose to go back to work.
  • What your rights are as a breastfeeding parent.

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