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Vihaan wants to maintain his income but work fewer hours. With tailored guidance, we help people like Vihaan to find the right role easily and quickly.

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Changing your role is the best way to get a pay rise, but it can be difficult to know the name of the roles that pay well and provide a rewarding work environment.

We’ll provide a personalised list of career matches based on your requirements and we’ll guide you around the skills you have and need.

Why choose Stay Nimble

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Changing jobs can be a long and tricky process. We’ll help you find the right role, get your CV up to scratch, prepare you for interviews and guide you through the whole process.

We’ll also help you learn how to talk about and harness your talents so you can get the role you want.


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Once you've found your dream job, we continue to help you grow within your new role. We don’t want you to feel stuck ever again.

We’ll stay in contact with you and send you personalised skills updates so you can settle in, be a star performer and work towards your next goal.

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