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Marissa needs a plan to kickstart her move to a better job. We make it easy for her to realise her strengths and find a career path she never considered.

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Why choose Stay Nimble


Get yourself unstuck

Over 50% of us are in jobs we strongly dislike, and it can be hard to take steps to find work that's fulfilling.

We provide a personalised and curated approach that helps you transition. We’ll help you understand your passions and strengths and match them to a career you’ll love.

Why choose Stay Nimble

Make your career move
Get unstuck

Make a change with confidence

Changing jobs can be a long and tricky process. We’ll help you find the right role, get your CV up to scratch, prepare you for interviews and guide you through the whole process.

We'll ease the pressure on you so you can build up your confidence and let your talents shine.


Stay Nimble stays with you

Once you've found your dream job, we continue to help you grow within your new role. We don’t want you to feel stuck ever again.

We’ll stay in contact with you and send you personalised skills updates so you can settle in, be a star performer and work towards your next goal.

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