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At Stay Nimble, we understand the feeling of uncertainty when starting to make a change. While the core of the Stay Nimble platform is easily giving you the data you need for confidently rerouting your career, giving you career options, and showing you opportunities all in real time; we know that actually then making steps towards changes isn’t easy.


Whether that is starting to learn new skills, setting off on a new career, or taking a decision that all your friend and family think is crazy. Changes are not easy. Routines, habits and tools can help your confidence and resilience, so that when change comes, you are ready.


We are excited to begin to build a relationship with Planet K2; the human performance experts. Taking years of experience coaching high performing athletes, the team at Planet K2 have been distilling their expertise into approaches that anyone can use to help them in their lives.


Let me give you a taste of what we are working on with them.


The Stay Nimble team are going through all the great content on Planet K2’s, The Performance Room, and using them in the context of career change.


Perfect performance routines lead to changes

Our first example is a tool called the Perfect Performance Routine which can be used in preparing for a key performance moment; something when you want to be your best.


The tool is available here.


We have then taken this framework, and written an example of how this can be used for the purposes of setting a routine ahead of probably the biggest performance moment in career change; the interview.


Have a go yourself using this simple tool, and why not share in the comments some of your ideas on when you know you are really ready? Or maybe share some of the things that YOU do to be ready?



Author: Dominic

Dom has spent the last two decades supporting organisations, coaching individuals and building software applications to make business better. Trained as an occupational psychologist, Dom extended study into Learning and Development as MCIPD. He formed Stay Nimble in response to rapid technological change and believes that each of us has unique ability that can be directed to navigate whatever the future holds. He’s a Fellow at the RSA.

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