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Thanks to our partnership with Burning Glass, data extracted from more than 8 million job ads gives you the best view of work around you.
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Your Strengths Profile and Skills Inventory is unique to you, giving you personalised options for a new career.
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Always on and monitoring new options for you every day. Never miss an opportunity for change.

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Strengths Assessments (Snapshot report)
Like a fingerprint, everyone’s Strengths Profile is unique. We use it to match you with careers that play to your strengths. This snapshot gives you a first impression of your strengths.
Strengths to Occupation Matching
What do people like you do for their careers? We use over 150 million job ads to help you see what is happening in your local area, and discover new types of careers for which you are uniquely suited.
Chatbot delivering career advice
Our chatbot takes the expertise of coaches and guides you in the self-reflection needed to make decisions about your future
Strengths Assessments (Full report)
Like a fingerprint, everyone’s Strengths Profile is unique. We use it to match you with careers that play to your strengths. This full report gives you unique insight into what makes you ... you.
Introductory 30 min coaching call
Getting clarity by talking with a coach helps build commitment and motivation to make a lasting change in your life. This introductory call gives you the space to speak with an experienced coach via Google Meet or Skype.
CV Analysis
Upload your CV to the CV Bot and get insight into what keywords an applicant tracking system would detect. Use this tool to identify how to tailor your CV for the job you're applying to.
LinkedIn profile review
Our coaching team will review your LinkedIn profile and provide guidance for helping you standout.
Skills Match
Use our technology to help you identify the skills you have developed during your career, and then identify the gaps you need to close to move toward your next role.
In-app and email support
Use our in-app chat or use email to get support from our coaches as you work through your career change. We aim to reply to your messages within a few hours of sending.
Coaching for strength development
Nurturing and developing your strengths gives you the best opportunity to express yourself in the workplace. Whether it is tapping into your creativity or your problem solving, our chatbot, coaching and content will give you inspiration for bringing your true self to your work.
Coming soon: Free learning content
Develop new skills from providers including the Open University, Future Learn and Planet K2.
Coming Soon: Apply for jobs
Using our integration with a major online jobs board, seamlessly apply to advertised jobs in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Stay Nimble work?

Discover Yourself It’s really important to take some time to deeply reflect on your strengths, your motivations and your values. This reframing gives you the chance to consider quite new and original potential paths you could take. Part of this phase also takes your current CV and passes it through some analysis tools to help pick out your key skills from how you describe previous activities and achievements. Through all of this, in this phase you Discover Yourself.   Be Inspired It’s important to know that there are lots of really fantastic careers and opportunities out there, and learning about some of the types of new work that have been created over the last couple of years helps to give you key decision data when thinking about your options. It’s also interesting to look at this from a perspective of what careers are growing in demand where you live. This needs to be done in balance with your motivations from Discover Yourself. In this second phase, we help you Be Inspired by using some great data sources to help you understand the work around you and providing stories from others just like you on their career changes.   Make your move A key to the final phase in creating pathways to new types of work is to choose a few potential options. You weigh up options based on meeting your motivations and on how tricky something might be to achieve (does it require new skills, for example). From this, you create a plan for how you would tackle those tricky pieces and we help you stay on track with that plan. This plan is your key to positioning yourself in a way that truly reflects your strengths and values so you can Make Your Move with confidence. The employers you then target can be looked at through a different lens; namely through the lens of what matters most to you.

What do you get with your subscription?

Always-on career navigation After completing your profile, your Strengths are used to continually match you to potential new paths to future work.   Skills Inventory matching Easily see the skills that employers are looking for in the career you are thinking of pursuing, and see what gaps you may need to close through learning.   CV building Write a free-form document of your achievements, including the key aspects of your Stay Nimble profile from your Strengths assessments, and see the keywords you can craft into your CV to get the best chance of getting through CV screening.   A human touch Digital tools are great if you can get on and self-manage a process, but we know that sometimes this is tough. You will get access to secure messaging to be able to pose any question about your career and our network of coaches will offer advice to help you break through.

How long do subscriptions last?

This is entirely your choice. Our 3 month pass gives you 90 days of support that will kick start your career change. Our annual pass keeps Stay Nimble in your pocket to not only support you with career change, but also support your work place performance with fresh new content each month designed to help you manage your confidence, resilience and tenacity. And of course, it means you never miss an opportunity to change into something new. Who knows what you might find? Our lifetime pass is incredible value. For your entire life, you can have expert guidance for your career and work life available to you in an instant.

What is career coaching?

Career Coaching can help you identify the right role for you and then help you make the transition into your new role. Career coaching integrates career research and complex psychological theory with current knowledge about the job market and organisational processes.

How do I know career coaching is right for me?

If you are feeling unhappy and stuck in the job you do, some support can help you focus on your values, motivations and strengths. Career coaching can help you see yourself through a new frame, and open up new routes to bring contentment to your life.   If you are returning to work after some time out of the workplace, finding the confidence to leap back in can be daunting. Career coaching can help you reset, focus on some immediate goals and find the balance between the things you now need to manage in your life.   Being coachable is a key skill. It requires some mental effort to get the value from coaching. Many of the techniques, approaches and tools that you can access through Stay Nimble will need you to take part in introspective activities including reflection, journaling and being open to trying new ways of thinking.

What countries does Stay Nimble cover?

The labour insight data we currently process from Burning Glass covers the UK, so we can only show you work and skills in demand for the UK. However, our coaching content and Strengths Profile assessments are available globally. Everything is delivered in English.

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