Our mission at Stay Nimble

Stay Nimble is a digital career coaching platform, taking the best of breed analog career coaching techniques and scaling these using technology to help millions find better work. Our mission is to help the UK build resilient communities through low cost adaptive career coaching and improve access to new types of work in local economies.

Stay Nimble provides individuals with insight about work in their local community, and using proprietary algorithms, matches their natural aptitudes to new types of work. Individuals then build a career transition plan which includes the ability to register for different learning opportunities, and work toward new types of employment. We provide digital support tools to build confidence to take part in new activities for which local employers are hiring.




Why we do it

We see the social need of employability as being the most critical and precarious aspect of our society in the next 10 years and we are building tools to support as many people as possible to navigate this period.

So we are setting out on the mission to solve the challenge of the time taken for individuals to pivot their careers into entirely new types of work. As the nature of work becomes rapidly disrupted by automation and artificial intelligence, individuals will need a new kind of occupational mobility that we are calling ‘career fitness’. This is an individuals ongoing investment in understanding the work around them, and what work they may be suited to with adequate access to reskilling. Just as you would continue to invest in your physical wellbeing, we are reaching a period where investing in your career wellbeing is becoming an imperative.

Estimates of 800 million people globally being affected during the 4th Industrial Revolution means the scale of impact is significant. And we need much better infrastructure at a low cost to help people change roles more quickly to support their income.



Hope through always-on support

During this period of rapid change, we forecast that new types of work will be created, and we want to help millions of people see how they can fit into that new type of work. We think of this as continual reskilling with local, practical application and based on core strengths of individuals.

Even today, employability is a significant challenge. We have a skills gap in the UK, whereby employers need activities to be performed by capable people, but seemingly, not enough people to do these activities. We also have a challenge of underemployment, specifically in those returning to work after a career break, where those who have ability to perform in higher earning jobs don’t have the opportunity, and sometimes the confidence, to go for those higher earning jobs.

Our mission is to improve the access of all socio-economic groups to new types of work and in the mid-term, we see these tools benefiting people on lower incomes.

In the longer term, we aim to help millions to adapt and navigate through the significant disruption to the world of work. In this case, workers who are currently employed in vulnerable vocations will benefit from being able to take quicker decisions regarding their future income sources.



We’ll help you adapt

As a platform, Stay Nimble integrates data from a variety of sources used by job seekers and career coaches to create always-on support for preparing people to make rapid changes in their employment choices. Our aim is to reduce the time taken to move into entirely new types of careers by 6 months.

We are at a moment of history where a significant paradigm shift is occurring. Old models of employment are rapidly being disrupted, and it’s clear that the exponential changes in technology will change the types of tasks we perform in jobs.

The risk to social cohesion during this period of rapid change is significant. We are already seeing social inequality increasing. We already have 10 million people in the UK who lack basic digital skills. We are underprepared to respond to these changes.

Our mission is to help people ride this wave. We do this by drastically improving the infrastructure that helps people to see what they can do next, and keep up with change.

We see this as a critical moment in reframing the notion of career and work that can help millions to take part in the new employment opportunities that will be created.



Click here to find out how to get involved.



We are a certified social enterprise with Social Enterprise UK, and we are committed to reinvesting 51% of our profits in the mission for helping build resilient communities through adaptive career coaching and improving access to work.



Author: Dominic

Dom has spent the last two decades supporting organisations, coaching individuals and building software applications to make business better. Trained as an occupational psychologist, Dom extended study into Learning and Development as MCIPD. He formed Stay Nimble in response to rapid technological change and believes that each of us has unique ability that can be directed to navigate whatever the future holds. He’s a Fellow at the RSA.

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