In-work poverty is rising faster than employment

The report on UK poverty published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation  (JRF) this week is stark.

Full JRF report is here:


The hard hitting numbers are:

  • More than one in five of our population (22%) are in poverty in the UK – 14.3 million people. 
  • There are now almost 4 million workers in poverty in the UK, a rise of over half a million compared with five years ago.


There were significant declines in poverty during the early 2000s.

We can reduce poverty once again by taking action. One of those actions is to improve access to opportunities for better-paid employment.

A key component of achieving this is supporting individuals to see how they can take part in new types of work, and have the confidence to do so.

The primary social object at Stay Nimble is to help support the employability of everyone. While we are focused initially on people returning to work after time away from the workplace, we have urgent ambitions to help those furthest from the labour market, or working in poverty.

Lots to do.

Author: Dominic Atkinson

Dom has spent the last two decades supporting organisations, coaching individuals and building software applications to make business better. Trained as an occupational psychologist, Dom extended study into Learning and Development as MCIPD. He formed Stay Nimble in response to rapid technological change and believes that each of us has unique ability that can be directed to navigate whatever the future holds. He’s a Fellow at the RSA.

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