What is career coaching?

Career Coaching can help you identify the right role for you and then help you make the transition into your new role. Career coaching integrates career research and complex psychological theory with current knowledge about the job market and organisational processes.

Using Stay Nimble

We like to keep things simple, but you will have things to do!

Getting and staying career fit is all about developing new habits and routines. By understanding how to manage confidence, resilience and persistence, you’ll know where to start and how to progress when the time comes to make a change.

The content we are adding each month introduces new ways to build these routines and habits. You will be able to start tracking your progress; for instance, on what helps with your confidence, and what is less effective for you.

At the very start of using Stay Nimble, you’ll need to build a simple profile and take some basic assessments that are designed to help you discover more about yourself.

After that, you can design your own plan for change by saving potential career move options and entering a straightforward process for taking small, but regular, steps for achieving your goal.

You’ll also get direct support via secure chat, with a network of coaches on hand to answer questions and offer input.

How Stay Nimble works

Discover Yourself

It’s really important to take some time to deeply reflect on your strengths, your motivations and your values. This reframing gives you the chance to consider quite new and original potential paths you could take. Part of this phase also takes your current CV and passes it through some analysis tools to help pick out your key skills from how you describe previous activities and achievements.

Be Inspired

It’s important to know that there are lots of really fantastic careers and opportunities out there, and learning about some of the types of new work that have been created over the last couple of years helps to give you key decision data when thinking about your options. This needs to be done in balance with your motivations from Discover Yourself. We use some great data sources to help you understand the work around you.

Make your move

A key to the final phase in creating pathways to new types of work is to choose a few potential options. You weigh up options based on meeting your motivations and on how tricky something might be to achieve (does it require new skills, for example). From this, you create a plan for how you would tackle those tricky pieces and we help you stay on track with that plan.

Subscriptions and Billing

What happens when my subscription expires?

You will still have access and be able to share your Stay Nimble Profile; however, you won’t be able to update your Skills Inventory or your Strengths Profile. You will be able to update your current occupation if this has changed.

We’ll let you know 30 days before your subscription expires to make sure you don’t lose access when you need it.

How do I cancel my subscription?

At this time, please email subscriptions@staynimble.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help.

Does my subscription automatically renew?

Yes, our 3 month and Annual Passes renew automatically to avoid interruption to your career change journey.

The 3 month Pass automatically renews on the same day each quarter (the day you subscribed), unless cancelled.

The Annual Pass automatically renews after the initial annual term unless cancelled.

What happens to data about you?

We take your privacy really seriously. Our low cost subscription model is in place because we feel the service we provide is high value for a small investment. This means we don’t need to consider advertising as part of our model.

We’re also very careful to minimise the amount of personally identifiable data about you that we ask for. We keep your subscription details in a secure location with Zoho Subscriptions away from the data from your Strengths assessments and coaching progress.

If you have any questions though, we’re really happy to talk with you about how data is treated in Stay Nimble. It’s vital to us that we keep your data safe and maximise anonymity.

Contact us

Still have questions? Feel free to drop us a line at info@staynimble.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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