What is career coaching?

Career Coaching can help you identify the right role for you and then help you make the transition into your new role. Career coaching integrates career research and complex psychological theory with current knowledge about the job market and organisational processes.

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What is a Strengths Profile?

Like a fingerprint, everyone’s Strengths Profile is unique. It is defined by combining results from cognitive and psychometric tests. We use it to match you with careers that play to your strengths and help you to identify specific skills you can learn to make a successful career change.

Be ready by building career fitness

Change is constant, and change is happening more rapidly than ever before. New careers that you can be great at and love will be created. We will help you be ready for whatever comes next, with curated packs of short, daily activities that will give you the key skills to adapt during change. Get fit and never be stuck again.

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