Roger Martin

Career Coach

Registered Career Development Specialist supporting clients with Career Advice, Career Progression, Job Search and raising Social Mobility.

Who I am

I am a Registered Career Development Professional. I have worked with adults, supporting and guiding them with their education, training and careers choices for over 20 years.

I have extensive experience of helping people find the area of work that motivates and excites them - a career they can develop and call their own. One way I do this is by providing dedicated support in the creation of CVs and application forms that get noticed and supporting you in preparation for interviews etc. See more below.

I have experienced many of the same issues as my clients. I’ve been made redundant (twice), spent periods of unemployment and have suffered the feeling of despondency because of a lack of a credible career direction. These are issues I can now help you with.

My principles and beliefs

I am passionate about helping my clients move forward in their career. I believe a person’s background, education or previous employment, should not be the experience that defines them and the rest of their working life. I will help you realise your true potential by supporting you in finding an attainable and realistic path forward.

However, you are in control of the process at all times. I do not direct or control your progress. I listen to your story and then help guide, enable and facilitate your journey.

Whatever you are doing now, whether employed or not, should not be the be all and end of all of what you are able to achieve in the future. If you want to progress and are motivated to do so, I am here to help you get there.


  • Improving CVs - I can help you understand the common mistakes made when completing CVs and support you to create a great targeted resume that will get you noticed.
  • Interview skills - I will support you in determining what is realistic and what is not. What do you actually want from a career? What will support your wellbeing in the workplace? Helping you see through the fog and achieve your job and career goals is what I do!
  • Changing careers - What is realistic and what is not? What does the client actually want from a career? Helping clients through all this is what I do.
  • Where to start - Looking for a job or changing your career can be a stressful time. I aim to lessen the impact of this by helping you determine the best place to start. What are the first steps you need to take and what else do you need to consider.
  • Improving confidence - I can help you raise your confidence and overcome the obstacles a lack of self-belief can have in taking your career forward. See more below.
  • Discovering strengths - Discovering your strengths is an important part of the careers journey. It helps you to raise your motivation as well as your confidence. Your transferable skills are always a good place to start in determining where your strengths lie.
  • Applying for jobs - Jobs boards and recruitment agencies aren’t the only place to look for work. I will support you to find the most effective place to look for roles based on your ultimate career choice. I help you understand the importance of networking as well as explain how the ‘hidden’ job market works.

More about me

I have coached my son’s football team for many years and have recently discovered tennis. I now spend far too much of my free time down at the local courts - Even in the winter!

  • Career Guidance Adviser.
  • Career Counselling and Coaching.
  • Personal development, including mental health and wellbeing.
  • Editor and Writer.
  • Career guidance and coaching.
  • BA Social Sciences
  • Diploma in Careers Guidance Studies
  • Masters in Career Management
  • Certificate in Counselling
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