Jennifer Harper

Head of Coaching

Career Guidance Adviser. Career Counselling and Coaching. Personal development, including mental health and wellbeing. Editor and Writer.

Who I am

I am a qualified and registered Career Guidance Adviser who works with people of all age groups who are navigating changing circumstances, are at a crossroads in their life, or are simply trying to find the right path for them.

I am passionate about helping people to understand their choices, and to build their self-belief in order that they can make informed and confident decisions that are right for them.

In addition, I believe that barriers need not hold people back from doing something they enjoy - we sometimes simply need a little bit of help to work around those barriers in order to get to where we want to be.

My principles and beliefs

Career guidance is a safe and confidential space within which clients can explore their options and their preferences. As a result, the relationship between the Career Coach and the client is fundamental. With support from the Career Coach, the client better understands their previous employment or study choices, which helps them to make future decisions in a more informed manner. The coaching process should help the client to recognise their skills and strengths and become more confident to apply these in applications and interviews.


  • Improving CVs - Your CV is personal to you and should reflect your abilities and your personality. I will help you to understand your CV, to highlight your skills and strengths, to present it attractively and, where required, to appropriately adapt your CV for individual job specifications.
  • Interview skills - Interviews can be daunting. Together we can prepare you for an interview, work on practice Q&As, and help you get over your nerves in order to professionally present your knowledge and experience to the interviewer, while also showing your potential within the role.
  • Changing careers - Career coaching is about uncovering what is right for you, and what is going to fit appropriately into your life. Together we will discuss your past work experiences, what you enjoy, what you need, and explore opportunities and directions that will move you towards positively enhancing your life.
  • Where to start - To know where to start can be hard, however career coaches are trained to help you take that first initial step confidently. We will work together to identify potential directions that will then help you to take those first steps forward in your progression.
  • Improving confidence - Life can take its toll sometimes and can knock our confidence and self-belief. Working together, we can explore reasons behind your confidence dip, and work towards building your confidence again through highlighting your key skills, strengths and achievements to date, helping you to positively move ahead.
  • Discovering strengths - Often people don’t recognise their strengths, though everybody has them. Uncovering your strengths can be transformational in terms of the way you view yourself and your capabilities. I will help you to recognise your strengths and understand how they can be adapted to multiple job roles.
  • Applying for jobs - The job application can determine whether or not you get called for interview. As a result, it’s really important to give it the attention it deserves. I will help you to structure your application specifically around the job specification, addressing the ‘essential’ and ‘desirable’ qualities sought by the employer.
  • Other - Your job search can be exasperating, but with the right support this journey can be an opportunity to work out what you would really like to do. I will encourage and reassure you as you navigate your way to the right job or career change for you, ensuring your mental health and wellbeing are supported in the process.

More about me

I am extremely fortunate to live in a lovely small seaside town with my partner and 14-year-old daughter. Walks on the beach are commonplace for us and you’ll often find me stealing a ‘quiet moment’ by the shore.

I have worked in a one-to-one capacity with clients in career coaching, counselling support and editorial for more than 25 years.
Ayrshire - west coast of Scotland.
  • Media.
  • Local authority.
  • Training provider.
  • Self-employment.
  • Social Enterprise.
  • MSc Career Guidance and Development
  • PGDip Career Guidance and Development (Distinction)
  • CDI Qualification in Career Development (QCD)
  • CMinAR Career Coaching for Refugees
  • HNC Counselling
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