Jayne Saul-Paterson

Career Coach

Coach and Facilitator for 20 years - Career Development, Leadership, Resilience & Inclusion. Performance Coach and registered career guidance professional.

Who I am

I am a qualified performance and career coach who has 30 years of professional experience working in teaching, training, and career consultancy. Since training as a coach 20 years ago, I have coached hundreds of managers, executives, employees of all levels and students to achieve successful career transition and progress in a wide range of careers.

I am qualified and registered Careers Adviser with a passion for inclusivity and supporting people facing greater barriers to employment success.

My principles and beliefs

I believe that career coaching provides a safe and effective space for individuals to think and action plan in relation to their careers and job change. It is possible for everyone to learn how to effectively articulate their experience and skills and highlight their diverse talents in order to ‘articulate their story’ persuasively in job applications and interviews and successfully achieve career or job change.


  • Improving CVs - I work with you to understand how to tailor your CV to match the specific requirements of each job you apply for and support you to use tried and tested CV techniques to market your unique talents and competencies effectively to prospective employers.
  • Interview skills - I believe that everyone has a set of achievements which they need to learn to articulate concisely but with impact in interviews and I will help you to give answers that show you are a great match for the job and have the skills and competencies to succeed in the role.
  • Changing careers - I help you to use coaching and the Stay Nimble digital tools to explore your identity including their strengths and attributes, what’s important to you and to help you understand the demands and opportunities of the labour market and undertake research in order to make informed choices about their career change.
  • Where to start - Career change and job hunting can be overwhelming, I help you to understand that there is no right place to start but just taking a small action can help you feel you are moving forward.
  • Improving confidence - We can all suffer from low confidence at times, I believe I can remind you to review your achievements and skills to date as this is often a good starting point for feeling more confident about what you have to offer employers. I also work with you to use evidence based strategies which help you feel better and more confident in your job search and hunting.
  • Discovering strengths - I find it fascinating to work with you to look at your strengths in other words, what things you are good and what you also enjoy doing. It's great to support you to think about times where you were in your element and discover the strengths you use and then consider how those strengths can be articulated in job applications or career change.
  • Applying for jobs - Helping you to apply for a job is central to the work I do as a career coach. I can give you guidance on how to effectively identify the competencies of the role and how to write convincing applications which opens the door to interviews.
  • Other - I understand how stressful it can be to apply for a job or change careers, therefore I work with you to ensure you have access to well-being and resilience strategies and tips to support you to manage this transition.

More about me

I live in a village on the outskirts of my adopted city of Bristol with my husband and two daughters, one on a gap year and the other at University. I love to sing and dance and I’m a huge fan of musicals like Hamilton – my family think I am a good dancer but no-one likes my singing funnily enough except my dog who tries to bark along with me when I sing.

  • Career Coach and Consultant
  • Higher Education.
  • Primary/Secondary Education
  • Public Sector including the Civil Service
  • NHS and Local authorities
  • Museum and Heritage sector
  • Libraries
  • Legal Sector
  • MSc Career Guidance and Development
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Guidance
  • QCG(Distinction) PGCE
  • BA(Hons) Business Studies
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