Cordelia Wise

Career Coach

Registered Career Development Institute professional supporting people with Career Advice, Career Progression and Job Search. A specialism in the third sector in mental health, homelessness and community education.

Who I am

I am a qualified career coach and registered with the Career Development Institute. I have worked with a wide range of clients over the years including people who are considering a career change, returning to work, facing redundancy, considering options around retirement or looking for a new job.

I am also an experienced manager and have worked with a range of client groups including people who are neurodivergent, have experienced homelessness or mental ill health, or who are improving their essential skills.

My principles and beliefs

I believe strongly that enjoying what you do has a positive effect on all aspects of your life.

Working with a career coach can help you work out how to find the best fit for your strengths and circumstances.

I think that having a chance to talk through your career decisions with someone qualified to help is something which should be available to everybody.


  • Improving CVs - I think your CV is a chance to tell your story to a potential employer as well as to share your strengths and ambitions. We can work together to work out how to tell that story well.
  • Interview skills - Thinking through your interview skills, sharing tips, thinking about possible interview questions and answers as well as practice interviews are all things I can help with.
  • Changing careers - It may be that you are considering changing careers or retraining – we can explore possibilities and think about what might work for you going forward. Having changed careers myself, I know this is a big decision and needs time and thought.
  • Where to start - It’s really helpful to find out a bit about you and your circumstances, what you’ve enjoyed in the past and any ideas you have about where you’d like to head in the future.
  • Improving confidence - Spending some time identifying your strengths and thinking about what you enjoy at work can really help with confidence as does being clear in your mind what your next steps might be.
  • Discovering strengths - I think we can often struggle to know what our strengths are. My role is to help you identify both what you are good at and what areas you would like to develop in the future.
  • Applying for jobs - Checking that you are a good fit for a job – and that it’s a good fit for you – is the first step in applying for work. The next step is to make that clear in the job application which is something I can support you with.

More about me

I live in South East London with my husband, a dog and a cat and visiting kids and grandkids.

I was born in Malaysia, grew up in Canada and have lived in Tanzania and Japan.


I have worked with voluntary sector organisations most of my career including working as a qualified career practitioner for 15 years.

South East London
I work with coaching clients across the private, public and voluntary sectors. In addition, I have worked in the voluntary sector for almost 30 years including in mental health, community education and homelessness including managing services.
  • MSc Career Management and Coaching
  • PG Dip/QCG Career Guidance
  • BA Anthropology and Women’s Studies
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