Caroline Jones

Career Coach

Career, guidance and outplacement coach with 20+ years' experience running own award-winning recruitment business.

Who I am

I am a member of the Career Development Institute, qualified to level 6 Career Coach. Coupled with a background in the career coaching industry and previously over 20 years in the recruitment industry

My principles and beliefs

I have a passion to help people find their career goals in life and support them to help them achieve this. I work with the CDI ethics and always look to enhance my own knowledge


  • Improving CVs - Working with you on your CV is a vital step to showing your strengths, values and attributes and highlighting to an organisation that you would like to work for them.
  • Interview skills - We can work together on interview techniques, we can look at the sorts of questions that might come up from your CV or from the job description and practice them in a safe environment. Giving you the confidence to go for it.
  • Changing careers - Not sure what you want to do next? We discover your motivations and goals, we can look at opportunities, training courses, volunteering options that could open new doors for you.
  • Where to start - Looking for a new job can be really hard, but we can be with you every step of the way, looking at what is your purpose and what will fulfill you.
  • Improving confidence - We can look at your journey together and look at how we can support you. Investigating if your confidence has dipped. Looking at ways to improve your self assurance and be ready to take on that next challenge.
  • Discovering strengths - It is really easy to overlook your strengths and take them for granted. We use this time to find your strengths and look at how they make you unique and help you use them to stand out from the crowd.
  • Applying for jobs - From working in a recruitment industry for many years, I can help you identify roles, look at the hidden job market and make sure your application really stands out.
  • Other - I would really like to help you achieve your goals and I would be delighted to help you on your journey.

More about me

I love travel and adventure and did a bungee jump off a crane in a pub garden in the first month of getting married.

Worked part-time in career coaching while running my own successful recruitment business. Previously I have worked full time running a government career programme via the job centres.

20 years running my own recruitment agency, 7 years working for large recruitment brands
Chesham, Buckinghamshire
  • Recruitment.
  • Career Coaching.
  • Level 6 Career Diploma in Career Guidance and Development
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Management
  • PTLLs in Adult teaching
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